2022 Solani International Student Scholarship Winner: Reuben K Alawode (alias: Kenny),  Nursing Student at East Tennessee State University.

My name is Reuben K Alawode (alias: Kenny). I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I have a twin sister and two younger brothers currently residing in Nigeria. I have a bachelor’s in microbiology from Kwara State University, Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria, and a Master’s of Natural Sciences from Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi.

I’m a third-semester nursing student at East Tennessee State University in the Accelerated BSN program with two more semesters to graduate. I’m the class president for my Nursing cohort. I plan to pursue an advanced degree in Nursing after I get my BSN and either get a doctorate in public health or be a Doctor of Nursing Practice. I’m passionate about public, community, and immigrant health. I also have a great interest in pediatric and perioperative nursing.

I love to spend time with my church community and other Nigerian students. I plan to give back to my community using my skills, expertise, and financial resources in the United States and back home in Nigeria.