The programs and services of Solani are sustained by financial contributions of cash and securities that may take many forms. These include tax-deductible contributions to Solani’s annual campaign, matching gifts, tribute gifts, and gifts to funds established in honor or memory of a specific individual or entity.




Contributions made by check should be payable to “Solani” and mailed to P.O. Box 4485, Broadlands, VA 20148. Please indicate if the donation relates to an annual campaign gift, tribute gift, or other special programs in the check memo. Donors may contribute by check, online via this website, or by arranging a transfer of stocks and other securities. Please Contact Us to arrange a stock transfer or other gift of securities.


Scholarships for US medical students committed to specializing in geriatric medicine and oncology.


Scholarships for international students from developing nations studying in the United States.


Public Health Missions in the US and Internationally, focusing on Preventive Health, Humanitarian Campaign, and Zoonotic education in low-income, poverty-stricken locales, and developing countries. Our goal is to assist the sick in securing the medical attention they need. We want to help the healthy and ill better understand the health ramifications of their relationships with their environments and pursue ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle through health education.


Solani works to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all its relationships with students, donors, volunteers, and the public.


  • Solani guards the privacy of donors and students alike. Donor and student lists and records are kept strictly confidential. The information is never sold, shared, or rented.
  • Acknowledgments of donations and announcements of financial aid awards are made public only with the authorization of donors and students.
  • All donors are treated with respect, care, and gratitude, regardless of the size of the gift or whether it is a financial gift, a gift of volunteer time, or an in-kind donation.
  • No premiums or “perks” are provided; donations do not influence policy.
  • Solani believes in operational transparency principles and will conduct annual reviews of its financial statements by independent accountants.

Annual Financial Documents